Useful information

Car park facilities

Parking is attached directly to the hospital. Payment is available at the on-site machines or directly when you exit.



Available on request, with direct payment to the hairdresser.


Identification on staff

Each staff member wears a badge as a mean of identification and internal security. The badges show the staff member’s first name and position.


Personal belongings

We strongly advise patients to not bring any valuables during their stay. The hospital will not accept liability for loss of valuables.


Café, gift shop

Chez Jean, located at the main entrance of the hospital, offers a wide range of snacks and drinks. You can find as well newspapers, magazines and small gifts.



Smoking is not permitted in the hospital. Designated areas for smoking are available outside.


Religious contact list

You can contact and take an appointment with a representative of your religion. You can find on that link the list of the nearest cult locations.


Television, wifi, newspaper

Television and wifi are available in each room.

You can get them when you proceed to you admission.

Newspaper delivery is only including in our SOLO CONFORT package.


Visiting hours

We kindly ask patient’s visitors to attend the hospital within the hours of 1pm to 8pm. Please note patient’s family and friends are not allowed to stay in the room when cares are provided.